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Board No: 1
Dealer: N, Vul: Nil
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Pair Numbers/Names  Score Matchpoints 
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW  
1 Bill Morgan / Philip Thompson1 Jan Doran / June Hagar4S S6D10420  102 
3 Cecelia Hains / Janette Davis4 Donald Benson / June Benson4H WJS950  57 
4 Thomas France / Warren Moore6 Heather Pollock / Colleen Briggs4S S6D9 50 210 
5 Barbara Luxton / Pat Carroll8 Donna Noble / Di Rigano3S S6D9140  84 
6 Daniel Chua / Janice Argent3 Robin Shorthose / Graham Craven4H WJS950  57 
7 Carmel Denaro / Janelle Williamson5 Beverley Brecknell / Lynne Fisher4H WJS10 420 012 
8 Gary Jenkins / Greg Nolan7 Anne Ormerod / Dell Elkington4SX SAH10590  120 

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4SX by NS=5901
4S by NS=4201
3S by NS=1401
4H by EW-1502
4S by NS-1-501
4H by EW=-4201

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